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An introduction to Customer Training Platforms

Customer Training Platforms

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Customer training is an element of comprehensive enterprise enablement. You can educate your customers on using your product or services to accomplish their goals using a customer training platform. It is a process in which you help your customers fulfil your organisation’s business objectives.

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The three significant goals of customer training:

  1. To attract and retain customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
  2. To provide a high-quality customer experience by imparting training that leads to value.
  3. To maximise the impact of your product or service within your customers’ organisations using customer learning management systems.

Why do you need a Customer training LMS?

  • A professional LMS software can provide the complete orchestration for guiding and tracking the customer from the onboarding process to multiple levels. Grooming customers along the right learning pathways help them gain the pace quickly on your product and know better about how to use it. The focus is on accelerating their time to value from your software to increase customer success. Depending on manual labour to handle the data is time-consuming and unscalable.  
  • Customer training is already conducted expertly with utmost importance and sophisticated customer training LMS software by most rival organisations. The customers get confused when they find numerous options to select products. Given the choice of an unorganised approach to training and a streamlined program that appears tailor-made to their needs, which product would they choose?  

Merits of an efficient customer training platform.

Customer training LMS
  • Meticulously structured User interface: It is high time you avoid extremely outdated traditional customer training software. Even though they satisfy your basic functionality, they can be slow and hard to navigate. Your software should be simple, fast and intuitive to steer better user communication. Modern best LMS for customer training, like Mykademy, guarantees these factors.
  • Open and flexible Content designing: Closed LMS Solutions for customer training that you find in traditional corporate systems does not allow you to incorporate learning resources from outside the organisation. It is limited to your academy alone. Creating up-to-date content is necessary to provide learners value for money experience. The freedom to create and share training materials in preferable length and to add relevant and valuable contents from any source, both within and outside, is a priority. Learning management systems for customer training like Mykademy allows you to upload content in any format, such as blog posts, video files, Google docs, PDF, HTML packages, YouTube videos, and more.
  • Gamification: Offering rewards, such as badges, trophies, and points to recognise their progress, is best to incentivise customers and motivate them to complete the training programme. Providing dashboards to customers to track how far they have come and how long it is to receive the following certification will inspire them. Also, ignite competitive spirit in your learners by giving leaderboards to compare their progress with colleagues. Gamification increases engagement which paves the way for more people to get attracted to your programme and helps your brand gain traction in the market. 
  • Security: It is paramount that you choose a trustworthy corporate LMS with whom you feel comfortable handing over your internal documents and sensitive information. Maintaining confidentiality is an uncompromisable quality. Look for the following security features – single sign-on and content access management. Single Sign-On enables users to safely access multiple applications with a single login and password to manage independently. Modern corporate learning management systems allow you to counter some of the most common security threats. Assign individual and group level access to your content so that only designated people can access confidential information. 

Why choose Mykademy?

Mykademy is an employee training LMS that is easy to customise, packed with solid features, and comes at a fair price that makes training your competitive edge. This customer training platform offers a stable user experience by integrating with most other tools you love. This platform allows you to create many sub-accounts to offer LMS for customer training and employee training in a single platform. Make customers across the globe feel at home by switching the product training software to the language they’re most used to in daily life. You can create and upload educational webinars from the same corporate learning platform to meet your customers face-to-face and rectify their queries. Focus on meaningful work, allotting more to your company, with set-it-and-forget-it features that manage and organise your learning management system for you. Mykademy makes every aspect of your customer learning management a walk in the park. So why wait? Go ahead and start building a more competent organisation. 

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