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A short introduction to Healthcare LMS

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The healthcare sector is unique in that the constant evolution of scientific understanding, improved cutting-edge technology, and evolved patient care methodology affect the daily lives of everyone, from the entry point workers to the upper echelons of management and professionals. There is a saying that a doctor has to learn forever in his life. The same applies to most people involved in healthcare. Any organisation in the hospital and healthcare business faces the arduous task of keeping track of all the latest ideas and knowledge. Updating the knowledge levels of staff about working on newly updated pieces of equipment to new scientific discoveries that may aid patient care on a day-to-day basis is of paramount importance. This situation is where an LMS for healthcare comes as a godsend. Being streamlined to hundreds if not thousands of staff and professionals, healthcare LMS solves the problems of accommodating the employees who master the various levels of sophisticated tech handling and ensures that the employees can access the latest knowledge from anywhere and anytime. The best healthcare LMS also provides a platform where the employees can assess their skill levels, leading them on the path to career progress. 

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The following are some features to keep in mind when looking for a healthcare learning management system (LMS)

Adhering to compliance certifications

The healthcare sector demands compliance from many standardising bodies, such as HIPAA or OSHA in the US or NHS in the UK, to ensure patient safety and standardised procedures. An enterprise healthcare learning management system (LMS) like Mykademy enables your organisation to enforce and commit to the latest compliance training requirements by designing courses and modules per pre-existing laws, policies and standards. LMS software helps the healthcare professionals navigate the strict regulations and insurance programs with the ability to extensively log and report every minute detail of employee training and ensure that they are gaining the required training to keep your organisation compliant. 

Audience management for a multitude of employee roles

Custom learning management systems for the healthcare sector help admins track the various continued medical education (CME) courses assigned to every employee individually. LMS for hospitals dilutes the task of audience management to easily create and follow course modules for different roles, locations or job functions. All team members can learn and specialise in their skills’ critical concepts and safety procedures. 

Trackable learning structure to monitor progress

Built-in analytics and custom reports to track training activities and learning progress are essential features of any modern healthcare LMS software. The data on course completions, quiz results, and content access gives an accurate measure of the training program’s success. It can guarantee more informed decision-making, pinpoint top-performing professionals, and provide continued learning efforts to keep your staff equipped with the knowledge of the latest procedures and technologies.

Tailor-made courses for healthcare

Learning management software can come bundled with a rich supply of specific course content in the skill library to improve the training for healthcare employees. E-learning that enables a flexible and effective healthcare education that is self-paced and integrates with practical and intensive in-class medical training is essential for professionals. A sound library of pre-made content saves a lot of hassle and helps focus on other aspects of the business that might need more time and input. On the other hand, if you have devoted resources and effort to create a well-designed course, the health system LMS can also make it available to third-party vendors outside your organisation to create an alternate source of income.

Onboarding made easy and accessible

The best healthcare learning management systems available today, such as Mykademy, makes it effortless to create an effective onboarding process that introduces new employees to the enterprise system and communicates key protocols and policies. A smooth transition is possible when all the vital information is accessible in a single place in the learning management system for healthcare, and employees feel like valuable and effective team members from the day they join.

Secure systems that make privacy a priority

Mykademy and other leading LMS for healthcare industry host clients in the most technically advanced and secure web servers, so you can rest assured the privacy of your employees and patients is protected. An industry-leading hardware firewall protects the content and user information, and all data is transferred over HTTPS, keyed with a private certificate. Sophisticated and modern data encryption, application security, and strict authentication are all given along with frequent updates to the learning management system (LMS) that occur with minimal impact on users.

Mykademy offers learning solutions for healthcare companies with a fully committed team that strives to improve the platform, features and usability. Those engaged in never-ending work schedules have just a few moments a day to catch up with their skill enhancement activities. The mobile learning app, which is as powerful as the desktop version with full white-labelling enabled, is a modern and powerful tool for people in the healthcare sector. 

Every task your employees perform affects the patient – it does not matter if they are in a patient-facing role or not. Training your staff on how to act with extraordinary sensitivity and compassion to patients is of absolute importance. Inefficiencies or errors can stem from the failure to properly train employees, leading to costly non-compliance fines and losses. The pace of change in healthcare regulation and medical technologies means there is no time to waste putting the best healthcare training solutions to improve the patient experience and increase revenue gains.

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