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Woz U by partnering with Mykademy, saved high costs and time. With everything now stored in this innovative 360-degree solution, it enabled them to deliver high-quality training across 26 states in the U.S.

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About Woz U

Woz U, founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has established one of the largest apprenticeship management software in the United States, approved by the Department of Labour.

Woz U, a content provider, partnered with TranZed to manage their apprenticeship programmes. Infosys, an Indian multinational IT company, acts as their leading employer.

Mykademy is the software partner, and it is our platform that TranZed uses for apprenticeship tracking.

Challenge faced
by Woz U

Woz U confronted a significant challenge before cementing their reputation as a giant on the US apprenticeship platform as they hadn’t previously operated an apprenticeship tracking system.

It is compulsory for these projects in the USA to track wage increments, the 144 hours related instruction (off the job), 2000 hours work competencies (on the job), Department of Labour compliance, and other evaluations.

Another issue faced was scaling their business. Woz U aspired to deliver quality apprenticeships, and they needed a better training platform to challenge in a competitive local market. Continuing to use Microsoft Excel sheets would be a time-consuming and costly process with staff needing to track attendance records, apprenticeship hours, uploading of assignments, and so on.

Solution proposed by Mykademy

Mykademy proposed the innovative ePortfolio solution to track and manage the apprenticeships. The platform would lessen paperwork, allow all documents to be housed in one system, and greatly assist with the DOL audit for compliance.

This apprenticeship management solution has upgraded user experience from a tutor and learner perspective and allowed all parties to convey progressively. It also saves energy for staff who no longer have to manually upload all information to Excel sheets since the platform was deployed.

Apprenticeship Management Software

How Woz U benefitted from Mykademy

The ePortfolio platform has helped the apprenticeship programmes by automating the learner’s journey. We have indeed driven Woz U to a much better place in business growth, with the high-quality training now delivered across 26 states. If Woz U hadn’t used ePortfolio, they would not have been able to scale their business so effectively to date.

With the content digitized, the students presently have a more improved learner experience, advancing their respective apprenticeships from anyplace across America, just requiring an internet connection. The benefits of using Mykademy’s ePortfolio software are strikingly evident.

Woz U by partnering with Mykademy, saved tremendous expenses and time, which is currently stored in this imaginative 360-degree arrangement.

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