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Top 5 Microlearning platforms in 2022

Microlearning Platforms

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Are you on a quest for a tool to assist you in designing and distributing personalised microlearning courses to your workforce? Relax! You’re at the right place.

With many new microlearning training platforms on the market that promise to offer innovative ways to share training content with learners, it can be quite tricky to determine which ones are worth the expense and effort. Worry not because we’ve done the challenging part for you. We’ve figured out and listed the 5 best microlearning platforms for 2022.

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First things first. Let’s see what microlearning is.

What is microlearning

Microlearning is a unique and novel method of educating people that aims to adapt to how we currently consume online content. Microlearning provides learners with quick, bite-sized pieces of information when needed. Because of this, gamification and microlearning for employees are frequently used to deliver training to make it as enjoyable as possible.

“Good things come in small packages” is a proverb you’re probably familiar with. That can be pretty accurate in terms of microlearning, I suppose. Microlearning training enables you to pick up new skills gradually without subjecting your brain to cognitive overload. Because it condenses knowledge into bite-sized chunks with exciting content that’s entertaining and educational, microlearning can be an excellent approach for training employees in the workplace. Compared to lengthy, information-dense sessions that are presented orally or through text, this can be much more beneficial.

Microlearning, which includes learning in baby steps, works in tandem with conventional e-learning. Short-term lessons, projects, or coursework intended to teach the learners “bits” of information are frequently included in microlearning-based activities. In fact, we come across microlearning on a daily basis. Microlearning is similar to brief informational bursts such as tweets, smartphone notifications, or a safety announcement posted at work. For instance, microlearning content can be short videos, photos, illustrations, audio snippets, phrases, short paragraphs, quizzes or tests etc.

Perks of microlearning

Microlearning is highly effective. It is more entertaining, quicker, and less expensive than conventional training. Even though it’s not the best option for every training requirement, it’s highly effective for business and corporate training.

Microlearning enables students to take in knowledge in “bite-sized” chunks, significantly improving their ability to retain it. Given that you can learn at your own pace and reduce the chance of being overloaded by a lot of information at once, it’s the perfect solution for people who might not have the time to devote to a lengthy course. Microlearning training can also be done while you’re on the go, so you can pick up quick lessons that help you get closer to your educational objective even while you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for a bus. 

There are numerous ways to implement microlearning in companies. Emails, online posts, brief multimedia videos, and even quick chat sessions can provide the learners with the essential elements they need to accomplish their academic objectives and increase the scope of their general knowledge.

Microlearning platforms for employees

Why should you choose a microlearning platform for your corporate training?

As per the survey conducted by the tech firm BMC, many employees felt that their employer is responsible for ensuring they have the skills necessary to succeed in the constantly evolving workplace. Only 1% of a typical work week for employees is dedicated to learning and development. With a workforce this time-constrained, it’s imperative that each learner receive information that is as concise, pertinent, and intriguing as possible. Since the microlearning approach has been shown to increase knowledge retention and decrease cognitive load, your learning strategy will be more successful in enabling learners to perform at their highest level. And a microlearning LMS software platform will definitely ease the process.

Now that you have a brief picture of what microlearning is, its advantages and why you should pick a microlearning platform, let’s take a look at the 5 best microlearning platforms for 2022 that would help you transform your learning activities.

Top 5 microlearning platforms in 2022

1. Mykademy : We couldn’t help but mention our own platform because it’s one of the most reliable, user-friendly and feature-rich platforms to deliver microlearning for employees. Mykademy’s cloud-based employee training platform enables businesses to onboard, educate, and upgrade their employees from anywhere at any time and from any device. Because of the platform’s distinctive and seamless design and technology, you can integrate powerful third-party tools like Zoom and embed microlearning content within your native app to make learning as interesting and accessible as possible. Mykademy’s employee training LMS has plenty of features, including course creation tools, advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, branding and customisation, website and mobile app, content dripping, course bundles, question pools, and Youtube & Vimeo video integration. With Mykademy, you can conduct LMS based microlearning effortlessly.

2. Talent LMS : Talent LMS places a high priority on compliance training, onboarding, and employee training. Organisations can seamlessly use the employee training LMS to deliver microlearning for employees. Moreover, they can learn at their own pace and resume or stop their studies whenever they want, thanks to the platform’s mobile capabilities. Additionally, it provides companies with easy-to-use tools for creating content to design courses that reflect their branding.

3. Absorb LMS :  Absorb LMS is an online learning management system with all the tools you’ll need to design and deliver microlearning training. You can use the platform to produce interactive training materials for your customers or employees. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to create courses with various features, such as tests, assignments, surveys, learning paths, and course completion certificates

4. Docebo : Using Docebo’s cloud-based LMS platform, companies can design, deliver, and evaluate the success of their microlearning training. A collaborative learning environment is facilitated by gamification, leaderboards, and virtual live classrooms, which encourage interaction and engagement. The platform also enables you to create and manage engaging content, deliver training to partners, customers, or employees, and close the loop of your learner’s training lifecycle by understanding how it affects your people and your business.

5. Sap Litmos : The management and delivery of microlearning are made simple with SAP Litmos’ LMS platform. With a robust API and pre-built connectors, the platform is completely extensible. Litmos integrates every stage of the training lifecycle, from development to delivery to evaluation, in a single spot, assisting businesses in getting the outcomes they desire from their training initiatives. Regardless of technical ability, anyone can create engaging courses using this platform in minutes.


Including microlearning in corporate training is the key to reducing churn and increasing engagement among the remote workforce and your broader corporate training strategy.

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