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Businesses that make smart choices survive difficult times. The pandemic has proven this. Virtual Platforms have become the lifeline for businesses to continue without disruption.

While choosing the platform that is right for your business, you don’t want to be penny-wise and pound-foolish. The instinct might be to go for the one that’s easy, cheap and popular. Only to realise later that these have hidden costs post signup. Let alone the limited features which may not serve your exact needs. So how do you choose the right platform?


The worth of any virtual platform comes from what it lets you achieve.For instance, if you are a training organisation, a tutor or even a culinary expert selling recipes online, will screen-sharing option be enough for you? What about security? You want your content protected at all costs. Likewise you’d want to check out other features the platform offers, and at what price.

Before making the important decision of taking your business online, you must check out Mykademy, the most cutting edge, innovative and leading virtual learning platform that has already disrupted the market.

Mykademy is more than just a broadcasting platform. It is a robust LMS designed to respond to the ever-evolving dynamics of online education. The platform lets you effectively manage and deliver virtual classroom training to engage your learners. And that’s not all. In just a few clicks, you can create, market and sell your courses using our marketing analytics tools built-in to the platform. With the lowest and most flexible pricing plans, plus easy onboarding you can simply scale and monetize your expertise while helping others.

What are the features of Mykademy?
Let’s have a closer look at why this all-in-one LMS platform is the best in business:

  • For educators, by educators
  • A professional solution that focuses on your long-term, sustainable growth, providing your customers/learners with the experience they need.
  • Has security features that don’t put your customers’ data and your content at risk.
  • Offers you potential to earn more money. Create, market and sell your courses in just a few clicks.

You might be familiar with a few popular virtual platforms that are already there, and Mykademy might be new to you. But we have been providing e-learning solutions to training organisations, individual tutors and businesses for over a decade now. No one understands better the specific challenges of an educator than we do because we ourselves are educators first, then a business. We have been a witness to the proliferation of broadcasting / video conferencing platforms that mostly develop ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. We didn’t want to be one of them. That’s why we gave more time to develop our tools. The overwhelming response to Mykademy from the training industry is a validation of our conviction. We are wise because we listened to our customers.

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