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Education is always crucial to drive the growth in the economy and ensure a prosperous future for all. Investing in human capital enhances employee performance and helps individuals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to prevail during the fundamental changes and create a more equitable society.

Educational institutions and corporate organisations use LMS platforms to train their learners. Emerging technologies that improve service delivery grow in tandem with the industry. A content library is an example of such technology that enables organisations to offer a wide range of courses in a simple and flexible manner. Therefore, it is up to learning and development (L&D) professionals to capitalise on these new developments.

Mykademy’s LMS platform offers a content library with hundreds of ready-to-use courses. Start training your people now!

However, L&D professionals are torn between developing new courses independently and acquiring custom-developed content. Although each LMS platform has it’s advantages, an organisation can offer courses to its learners more effectively if it integrates an LMS with a content library. Some L&D initiatives fail due to a lack of available training courses. Other factors that contribute to failure include reception and user adoption. Furthermore, creating custom courses takes time and money. As a result, if an organisation decides to create its own content, training initiatives will be delayed or may not even be launched.

What is meant by a content library?

A content library, a.k.a skill library, is a collection of pre-built e-learning courses that are ready to use. It is the central repository for all digital training content, including text, audio, video, images, presentations, and more. Once your users have enrolled for the courses on your learning management system, they will have access to content. Content libraries make it simple to access ready-made e-learning content. It includes a wide range of training materials developed with the assistance of industry experts. The course content comes in various formats such as HTML, texts, audio, visuals and many others. They are mobile-friendly and cover a wide variety of subjects such as soft skills, hard skills, technical knowledge, and digital technology trends.

The content library is essential to expand the learning opportunities and improve the learning experience. Still, companies usually overlook this aspect of development in favour of compliance, leaving the content library behind. You risk reducing the ROI and impact of your online training investment if you do not have a dynamic, comprehensive content library.

Advantages of online training with content library

  • Best way to train and create awareness of the company’s policies, culture, politics, practices, compliance, norms and regulations.
  • Employees can acquire real-world knowledge through advanced courses and apply what they learn.
  • Development of a holistic learning culture that works beyond the basics.
  • Interactive courses lead to increased course completion rates, improved productivity and ultimately better ROI.
  • Facilitate all aspects of a user’s training lifecycle.
  • A quick way to access vast content that covers multiple disciplines.
  • The ideal option to hang on to if you are running out of time/money/resources to create your own course from scratch.

Redefine online training with our off-the-shelf courses

Olive’s skill library is a pool of hundreds of readily-available courses written by experts, covering the skills and knowledge your team requires to activate results and ensure success at work. Optimise these ready-to-use courses to tackle your training challenges and equip your team with the resources and expertise to level up your organisation. Our content library’s courses are off-the-shelf and are preferred by everyone. The speciality of our courses includes- 

  • Bite-sized lessons for easy learning – Making content digestible lowers the cognitive load. Therefore, some courses are created as mini-lessons lasting less than 15 minutes, so learners are more likely to complete training, enjoy learning, and apply what they learn.
  • Interactive courses to make learning fun – Designing interactive course content is one of the best ways to remember information. So, every course is built in an engaging way your users won’t forget. The lessons come as short, long and interactive videos.
  • Authored & reviewed by subject experts – Each topic has been thoroughly researched using the latest information from subject experts. Moreover, every course is reviewed by an experienced practitioner to make sure that the appropriate skills and knowledge are transferred.
  • Assured performance enhancement – With the training going on the right track, the employee performance will have double the improvement.
  • Mobile compatibility – The courses are accessible to learners from any device of their choice.

The courses from our content library are vast, touching on a variety of disciplines for skill development. A few of them are – 

  1. Marketing skills training essentials – According to the fundamental concepts of marketing, even if you have the most refined product or service, and if no one knows about it, you cannot generate revenue from it. That is where marketing training can help. Our online marketing training programme is ideal for you if you are in charge of creating or promoting content, developing partnerships, or running the entire marketing department.
  2. Managerial skills training essentials – Managerial skills training is required to manage a team effectively and efficiently. Our course catalogue is an excellent introduction to managerial skills. Interpersonal skills, commercial awareness, mentoring, communication and motivation, organisation and delegation, planning and strategic thinking, problem-solving and decision-making are all covered. While this collection is geared toward managers and team leaders, it can benefit employees at all levels. Everyone can benefit from learning more about these soft skills in the workplace, with courses on confidence, bravery, and authenticity.
  3. Professional development skills training essentialsTo advance in your career and remain relevant and valuable to your employer, professional development should continue even after starting your first job. While it may appear that you cannot learn many skills required for professional development through a course, various courses can teach and assist you in developing these skills. Our content library collection includes many courses that can help you develop professionally and grow as you advance in your career.
  4. HR skills training essentials – Even in the most efficient workspaces, problems and disagreements among team members arise. Human resources training is one of the most important solutions to these challenges because it allows your team to develop communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The collection here is an HR training programme that contains valuable information on all aspects of human resources. These simple online HR courses will assist you in building a strong team and ensuring productivity does not suffer when difficulties arise.

The courses in our content library cover multiple sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, retail, construction, manufacturing, sports, fitness, and much more. 

  • Healthcare – Medical expertise is an absolute necessity for healthcare providers. All medical practitioners should secure a certain number of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits based on their role, licensure board, and state of employment. Our comprehensive courses assist you in mitigating compliance risks, developing healthcare leaders, improving care quality, and meeting all your healthcare training needs.
  • Hospitality – Social media platforms, online booking sites, and customer reviews have given the hospitality industry new life while significantly increasing competition. Pandemic has forced the sector to shift to an entirely new level of training in safety and wellness, basic sanitation, food safety standards, exquisite guest relations, and other areas to satisfy their customers. Our informative and meaningful courses can help constituent groups in the Hospitality ecosystem improve their skills.
  • Retail A successful retail business relies on customer satisfaction. Sufficient training can drive sales like never before. Train your employees with our extensive content library courses for the retail industry, and never let your team bear the brunt of poor training and management.
  • Construction – Protect your employees by properly guiding and preparing them to deal with any unforeseen challenges or events. With our uncomplicated and effective courses, you can simplify the complex construction training programmes, reduce on-the-job errors, mitigate potential risks, and maximise productivity.
  • Manufacturing Adequate training is essential to keep your workforce informed of the constantly changing complex rules, policies, and regulations of the manufacturing industry. Our content library courses are the ideal solution for understanding the complexities of manufacturing, removing training challenges, and meeting your needs.
  • Sports & fitness – Every sporting activity necessitates the participant’s peak physical and mental health. Our online courses help you develop a fitness routine tailored to your chosen sport. You can learn new strength and stamina training activities, stress management, nutrition, and many other things. You can even take assessments to determine your fitness levels and whether or not you can meet your goals.

Besides these, we have a myriad of other courses that are useful for multiple industries.

Bottom line

Content libraries provide a quick and budget-friendly way to access an extensive content catalogue. You can use them for training your employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders. If you wish to try a learning management system (LMS) with a course library that has hundreds of ready-made off-the-shelf courses, talk to us now!

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