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A reminder of hope

Over the last year, we have been exposed to a perplexing challenge- a change that has taken over the whole world. The Covid-19 pandemic led to times of uncertainty and unreliability and we have been proactively coming up with ways to sustain. It has steered us to be more adaptive and driven to envision a future that is not bleak. 

We know that change can be overwhelmingly scary but it can also be the start of something extraordinary. We believe that the recent changes we have encountered do not necessarily indicate an obstruction to growth towards the future, instead, it shows us that change is inevitable, it is good and very much needed. It brings an opportunity for you to explore new possibilities with us and for us to serve you better. 

The Olive Journey

When Olive started 14 years ago, we were a dedicated bunch of people working towards making life easier for online educators, trainers, students and aspirants around the globe. Our presence gained the trust of over 10,000+ tutors and 1 million students worldwide. Since our inception, we have been growing and constantly evolving to keep on par with the requirements of the industry.

The hurdles we encountered as a society have changed our outlook towards life, business and opportunities. With everything that transpired over the past year, we thought it’s the right time for us to change too. To revamp ourselves and to come back stronger and better. This gave us reason to collaborate and bring to life, a new platform that encompasses the essential characteristics required for the successful growth of edupreneurs in the online education and training sector. 

 Partnering up!

In our search for finding the perfect partner for this venture, we stumbled upon a brilliant Edtech start-up back in India- Ofabee. They are a successful online course delivery platform and have a remarkable track record in producing software in Edtech and real-time communication. With the aligned ideologies, goals and aspirations of both parties, it was a perfect match! 

The Olive group – Ofabee acquisition in 2020 resulted in the creation of Mykademy. A versatile platform that will cater to both traditional and emerging edupreneurs to establish as an independent brand. One that is integrated and unified with Olive’s legacy and trust values and Ofabee’s technological expertise and framework. 

In redesigning and refreshing ourselves, we have unearthed what lies at the root of our collective foundation; the idea of providing simple solutions to educators around the globe with the right technology. 

Introducing the new us!



At Mykademy we believe in the importance of what we call the three green fins; Future, Sustainability and Trust.  The three steps to growth. They connect us globally, across cultures and principles. They remind us that we are all part of the same family. This is communicated through our new logo. It represents our progression towards a thriving, future-proofed tomorrow and we invite you to sail with us in this remarkable journey and let us help you create a strong brand. 



Change is a choice towards progression and we choose to move forward. We are ready to take on the future.  Now the question remains, are you? 

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