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How to opt for the best cloud-based LMS for online training?

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A cloud-based LMS is one that you can use without installing any software or hardware. With numerous benefits such as lower setup costs, easier maintenance, storage space, seamless collaboration, enhanced data security and more, cloud-based LMS is the right choice for corporates and trainers. 

An LMS has much more to offer to both a corporate business and an educational institute. Choosing the right one is a puzzle in itself, but if you know the right clues, you can quickly solve this puzzle and pick the best LMS for corporate training or the best LMS for coaching institutes.

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Here’re four factors that you should consider while deciding on a cloud-based LMS for corporates

  1. Your needs and goals : When it comes to a business, it is important to create a measurable and achievable goal that needs to be reached with the help of training. It can be to increase your sales with the help of training, save the yearly cost of sending employees for training abroad or improve the quality of work. Whatever it may be, it is important to recognise your needs and set achievable goals accordingly. It is important to remember that efficient employees with the right skills mean more revenue and profits.
  1. Essential features : Once you have clarity on your needs and goals, you can narrow down the final target you want to attain by using the LMS for corporate learning, and it is the right time to list down the essential features of the cloud-based LMS for corporates you choose. The more specific and clear your needs, the easier it is to find the right LMS for your business. A few unavoidable features of a cloud-based LMS for corporates are:
    • Social learning
    • Talent Management
    • Mobile learning
    • eCommerce modules
    • White-labelling and customisation
    • Gamification features
    • Certifications (Grading/Scoring feature)
  1. Cost : Your aim should be to get maximum value for a reasonable cost within your budget. When you invest in a cloud-based LMS for corporate training to improve your organisation, it is crucial to assess whether you’re making the right investment and if this is beneficial for you. Stick to your goals and needs, make sure that you know the features provided and the current pricing of LMS software in the market.
  1. Plan ahead : Investing in an LMS requires serious considerations. It is always better to plan out the use of the LMS within the organisation for the future. It is essential to consider a few matters such as the implementation of LMS, the effectiveness of the LMS in the long run, the alterations that can happen with your organisation in the future, the training methods you might prefer in the future to list a few before finalising on a cloud-based LMS for corporate training.

Now, let’s analyse the same factors while deciding on a cloud-based LMS for trainers:  

  1. Your needs and goals : An ideal cloud-based LMS for trainers would be one that can contribute efficiently toward your needs and goals. You should understand your audience and know the course logistics and learning objectives. To get started, you require clarity about your students and the number of students you intend to entertain. A better idea about all this will ensure that content delivery matches your learners’ needs.
  1. Essential features : With the ever-changing dynamics of technology, it is important to know which feature is a priority for you while choosing an LMS for your training institute. Prioritising the list of features will help you choose the right LMS, which can be used to meet the objective of all the stakeholders involved. 
  1. Cost : As an educational institute, you should aim to get maximum value for a reasonable cost within your budget. When you invest in a cloud-based LMS for trainers, it is crucial to analyse whether this is beneficial for you. Try to stick to your requirements and ensure that you know the features provided and the current pricing of LMS software in the market. 
  1. Plan ahead : Before you start, consider the scope of the programme or course you are delivering. Think about factors like the growth of your institute, alternate methods that can be used for this purpose and the money you can make out of this if you invest in a cloud-based LMS for trainers. This will help you realise the value you will get by using an LMS. 

Mykademy is one of the best cloud-based learning management systems. It comes with all the top features and functionalities that can help you deliver courses and training more effectively. 

Investing in an LMS is a huge decision, you might want to talk to an expert or try out the product before making the final decision. If you are looking for a suitable LMS, try Mykademy today by signing up for a 14-day free trial or reach out to us, our team would be happy to help you. 

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