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Benefits of adopting an LMS for hospitality industry

LMS for hospitality industry

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With the arrival of newer technologies, the hospitality industry is undergoing profound drastic changes. The industry scaled up double and made a severe turn to competition with the introduction of social media, online apps and LMS hospitality E-learning solutions. The talk of the town these days falls upon how to deliver training in the best effective way. People can evaluate their economic values and compare and contrast them with the available options. Professionals working in the hospitality sector are obliged never to stop their research on updations and are keen on delivering the best service possible to their guests. Training the team is not a walk in the park, whether online or offline. A good training material goes in vain when the mode of delivery doesn’t meet the best. A perfect hospitality LMS for training is an essential element or can be considered the stepping stone to an effective  training programme.

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When it comes to hospitality, training is necessary from desk clerks to kitchen staff to housekeeping. Streamlined management and enforcement are required in all aspects of the industry. Each course and learning process should be designed with a role in mind. Adopting hospitality LMS software will reduce manual labour to a greater extent. Activities on each level can be tracked automatically with learning management systems for hospitality industry. Opposing the traditional work area concept, people with high technical skills will adapt to this simple and flexible solution. Mykademy is an LMS platform that offers a meticulously set learning platform to deliver onboarding and training to employees across every company dimension. 

Here we discuss the benefits of using Mykademy as a hospitality LMS training system for your company to achieve growth and prosperity.

  • Accessibility is the key : The hospitality sector is unique in that most employees do not have an assigned desk and are constantly moving about the property. Mykademy is one of the best hospitality LMS, enabling all the staff to access the lessons and training modules wherever possible. Apps for any device of their choice offer classes without hindering the flow or speed of the job with this LMS hospitality software.
  • Comfortable learning for non-technical trainees : Even workers with little enterprise software background can effortlessly navigate the Mykademy LMS system for the hospitality industry and swiftly finish lessons. By leveraging quicker, graphically driven, multilingual classes, you can engage individuals in the content instead of demoralising them with the online training platform itself.
  • Customer service is supercharged with video classes : Mykademy supports video lectures in its online training platform, which are excellent for orienting the employees towards customer service skills. Usually, it can guide implementation and set up benchmarks more effectively than written words in the company manual.
  • Keep track of the training : Managing the infamously high employee turnover is a hassle in the sector of hospitality. By adopting an LMS for hospitality training, you can quickly track and gauge the results of your training system. Easily monitor the onboarding process and stay on top of the employee training progress.
  • Leaderboards and certification : Engage and motivate learners with accomplishments, points, and badges, all based on their progress in the modules. It’s a delightful way to build healthy contests among employees and groups. Mykademy’s hospitality solutions helps you issue advancement certificates and course completion certificates, valuable assets for employees in their career progression. 
  • Integrate and implement new systems rapidly : Mykademy is an online hospitality training platform that deploys in minutes. If you plan to incorporate it with other systems such as a CRM or HR, efficiently utilise any of the multiple connectors or APIs available. Integrate with a host of valuable services and provide instant solutions for complex problems.
  • Tailor-made courses focused on hospitality : Pick from a rich collection of pre-made courses and lessons from the skill library of Mykademy hospitality LMS training system to enhance the skills of hospitality employees. Offer quick, video-based, highly interactive classes in customer service, food hygiene, and social skills.

When exploring a learning management system for hospitality training, bear in mind that it’s a crowded market. All LMS in hospitality industry fulfils distinct objectives; you need to find the one that will satisfy your purposes. Take advantage of online demonstrations, study all of the components and ask as many inquiries as possible.

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